Privacy Policy

Candidate IT Solution leverages cybersecurity software and similar digital tools to ensure all website visitors’ personal information remains accurate, confidential, and private. Our privacy policy has several provisions that address this matter, and they apply to Candidate IT Solution staff and partners. We take our commitment to privacy seriously and do everything in our power to maintain exceptional privacy standards.

The following Privacy Policy Agreement applies to all Candidate IT Solution operations related to data management and collection. We believe in transparency; therefore, we have ensured that each element is publicly available, so you may know your rights when using our website.

This policy is applicable to all website visitors and Candidate IT Solution employees, irrespective of role and location. Its application extends to Candidate IT Solution’s digital and non-digital operations and is embedded in our systems to ensure they remain compliant at all times.

Please note that Candidate IT Solution has the right to revise this policy. We request that you check it periodically to ensure you remain updated about the latest modifications.

Information Collection
The Candidate IT Solution website collects diver user information to improve our service quality and optimize your experience. Following are some of the data types our website may collect:

Form Information
Our website forms may request information like your name, phone number, email address, etc. We store the information you voluntarily provide and use it for remarketing purposes and sharing relevant communication.

Site Preferences
Candidate IT Solution will allow you to set your preferences for website usage. These preferences are critical for adjusting your experience, so we store them to ensure your browsing is interest-optimized.

Please note that we do not collect the information you do not elect to provide nor share your personal information with third parties without your permission. We ensure we are transparent about our requests and use the information only for the publicly stated purpose.

Option to Unsubscribe
All our clients have the option to hinder data collection. The best method is to disable cookies that work on data collection, organization, and application in the background. While that is a route some people choose, we recommend that you allow essential cookies to help us ensure we can customize your browsing experience.

Data Disclosure
Candidate IT Solution often works with third parties to provide you with services on our behalf. We may disclose your personal information to those third parties to facilitate this aspect of our service to ensure you get the desired results.

We may also disclose your personal information to relevant authorities if we have reason to believe that doing so is vital in identifying, contacting, or bringing legal action against a person or entity damaging, injuring, or interfering (intentionally or unintentionally) with our rights or property, users, or anyone else who could be harmed by such activities.

Candidate IT Solution is committed to protecting your trust and personal information. Therefore, we take special measures to arrange physical and digital security to protect information storage facilities or data centers. Our goal is to prevent loss or misuse of data, unauthorized modifications and access, and similar actions that can cause data leaks.

Rest assured that your information is safe with us, and we will go to all necessary lengths to prevent internal or external parties from misusing it.

Privacy Policy Agreement Changes
Candidate IT Solution reserves the right to change the privacy policy agreement at any given point. However, we will leave a notice about the change on the main website to ensure visitors are aware and can review the new terms.

The information will be publicly available on our website, so people will have the opportunity to read the new terms and decide if they want to retract their approvals.

Candidate IT Solution will notify you if we decide to use any personally identifiable information on file in a manner vastly different from the stated purpose when this information was collected. Users will have the option to permit or restrict the use of their information in this separate manner.

Contact Us
Candidate IT Solution is always available to receive feedback or queries from our website visitors, clients, and other stakeholders. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss any part of the privacy policy agreement.

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